Q.I have a corrupted picture that the trial version cannot recover. Will the registered version be able to recover it?
Our registered version is identical to the trial version except the output picture will contain a watermark. Thus, if the trial version cannot recover your picture, the registered version also will NOT recover your picture.
Q.I can view my photo in the preview of Open Window dialog box. However, the image is broken after being opened. Why?

Most of the JPEG images taken by digital camera contain a thumbnail at the beginning of the file. When a low resolution image is required, most of the software (e.g. Windows Explorer) display the thumbnail. However, the actual contents of the file may be corrupted.

You may download and try our sample SAMPLE1.JPG (right click to save the picture to your hard disk). You will find that the thumbnail displayed by Windows Explorer is completely different from the image displayed by other software (e.g. Windows Picture Viewer or Internet Explorer).

Q.In evaluation version, how can I view the quality and details of the recovered image?
If you are using the 'bulk scanning' mode, the thumbnails of the images should be shown in the screen. You may save the images and examine the results. Please note that in evaluation version, the saved images will have same dimensions (width and height) and with a watermark.

Please note that the saved images of the registered version will produce images of same dimensions. Thus, if only a thumbnail is recovered, then the registered version will only restore the thumbnail.

Q.Why I can only recover images with little number of pixels?
Very likely your mega pixels image cannot be restored.

If the trial version can only recover small images (e.g. 120 x 160 pixels) instead of your high resolution image, then the registered version can only recover these small images.
Q.I have a output recovered by trial version with watermark. Can you remove the watermark?
No. The watermark cannot be removed. Even the JPEG Recovery registered version cannot remove the watermark createdby trial version.

To recover a picture without watermark, you must have the original picture, and recover the problem picture using JPEG Recovery registered version.

Normally, under the default setting both evaluation and registered versions will create the outputpicture with a new filename. It will not overwrite your input picture. If the input picture is accidentally overwritten, there isn't any simple way to recover the input picture, and you won't be able to perform the recovery.

Q.Do you guarantee that my corrupted photo can be recovered?

There are many different reasons why a picture is corrupted.

We cannot guarantee that everyproblem picturecan be recovered as the file must contain all valid data to make the recovery successful in JPEG Recovery. If the file is corrupted and does not contain all necessary data, there is no way to recover the original image using JPEG Recovery.

Please try before you buy, and check whether your picture can be recovered.

Q.Should I delete my original images after the trial and/or recovery process?
Definitely NO, because

- For trial version, the recovered images will have watermark. The registered version needs the original images for recovery, not the images with watermark. Registered version cannot remove the watermark.

- In future, JPEG Recovery may have new version that can perform better recovery. You will need the original images to perform the trial and recovery processing.

- You may find another recovery software in Internet, and you need to use the original image for recovery, not the output of JPEG Recovery.
Q.Could I ask for a refund if I am not satisfied with the software?

No. We maintain a strict no-refund policy.

Please perform trial andtest the software, and evaluate the resultsthoroughly before making any purchase decision.No refund request will be entertained.

Q.What are the conditions that my picture can be recovered?
  • The picture is recovered using picture recovery software.
  • All details of your pictures must be present; no matter the details are in one or more JPEG files.

JPEG Recovery cannot 'invent' the missing data. Thus, it is impossible to recover the image properly if the filesize of the corrupted image is substantially less than the normal filesize (e.g. filesize of normal image is around 2MB but corrupted image only has several KB).
Q.I have photos with similar problem but they were recovered by software from other companies. Can you help?

If your photos were recovered by photo recovery software, JPEG Recovery should be able to recover the photos.

Nevertheless, please try the trial version before making your purchase decision.

Q.I have photos with similar problem but they were recovered from hard disk instead of removable devices. Can you help?

JPEG picture recoveredfrom hard disk is far more dynamic and unknown. JPEG Recoveryshould be able torecover the photos if the picture exhibits similar problems and meet the recovery conditions described previously. The successful rate greatly depends on the quality of pictures recovered.

Nevertheless, please try the trial version before your purchase decision.

Q.If I have a corrupted JPEG picture, and the corruption is due to other reason rather than data recovery, can you help?

If the picture is corrupted due to other reason, our software may not able to help.

Nevertheless,you may try the trial version and determine whether JPEG Recovery can recover your picture. JPEG Recovery have some logic to handle certain (but not all) kinds of data corruption.

Q.Will JPEG Recovery modify my original data in the photo or picture?

JPEG Recovery will not modify any data in your photo or picture. JPEG Recovery also will not perform any compression nor re-compression to your picture.

Thus, all data in your original photo or picture(for exampledimension, color, quality, precision, quantization, progressive or not) will be identical to the original one. In some occasions we may remove the Exif/IPTC data, however, this will not affect the quality of your original photo or picture.

No re-compression is important because JPEG is a "lossy" compression and the picture will lose some quality each time it is re-compressed (for example, open it in Paint, make some changes and save it).

Q.Any recommendations if JPEG Recovery can't help me to recover my corrupted pictures?

There are numerous reasons causing a picture cannot be opened. JPEG Recovery just caters a few of them.

You may try searching the web and check whether there are other software that can help you. However, we don't have any recommendations that can be given to you.

If you still have the medium that the picture was originally resided (e.g. memory card, hard disk, etc) and suspect that the full set of data is still in the medium, you may try usingdifferent data recovery software to analyze it, and see whether one of them can rescue your picture.

Q.Some data of my picture were lost or overwritten by garbage. Can JPEG Recovery recover those data for me?


JPEG Recovery will only reconstructure and adjust your picture using the existing data in the file. JPEG Recovery willNOTinventnor deduce any missing pixel ofthe picture for you.If there are data lost, then those portion(s) can never be recovered.

A quick way to know whether there are data lost is to compare the file size your picture with the other pictures taken by same camera having same resolution.If the file size is significantly lower than the normal ones, then very likely some data aremissing in the picture.

Q.I am an administrator in Windows 10 but I can't register the application. Please help.
Run the program as an administrator, follow these steps:

  • Right-click the icon that you use to run the program, and then click Run as administrator.
  • If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the administrator password, or click Continue.

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