Raw Format Photo Recovery
Recover all common digital photo formats (e.g. JPG, TIF) as well as common raw formats
Different Scan Modes: Quick Scan and Complete Scan
Quick Scan provides faster and more accurate recovery if you just need to recover deleted photos.
Auto Verification of Memory Card Validity in Quick Scan
Before quick scan is conducted, the system will automatically validate the card contents and determine the card integrity.
Easy to Use
Simple enough for any person to use. All hard-to-understand parameters and internal settings are auto-determined by the software.
Preview of video file in Trial Version
The trial version allows preview of the beginning of the video. Supported video formats are AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP and QT.
Preview of Images in Trial Version
The thumbnails of the recoverable images are displayed in trial version. Trial version also allows you to save most of the images (non raw format) in a reduced resolution.

Restore Images using Original Filename
Easy Photo Recovery will try to restore the images using the original, and correct, filename in the memory card. This facilitates you to recover your images using consistent names. Moreover, the Exif information (e.g. shooting date/time) of some of your image (e.g. AVI, raw format photo) can be properly be retrieved by the software bundled with your digital device if the information is kept in the thumbnail file (.THM) instead of the image file.

In general, the original filename can also be restored in 'Complete Scan' (sector scanning) mode, which can hardly be found in other similar products in the market.

Extract Thumbnails
Most camera stores thumbnail in the digital photo for rapid display if a lower version of image is required. In some brands and models, sometimes more than 1 thumbnail is stored in the picture, and the resolution of the thumbnail may be sufficient to print a 4R photo or above. Some raw format files may even contain thumbnail of mega pixels.

Although sometimes the original image cannot be recovered properly (e.g. part of the picture was overwritten), the thumbnails may be in good shape. Easy Photo Recovery provides an option to extract valid JPEG thumbnails and store them in separated files.

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

Supported Media Format
If your camera appears as a drive letter in Windows, then our software should work fine.

Alternatively, if you insert the memory card into a memory card reader and it appears as a drive letter, then our software should also work fine.

Normally, an USB2.0 card reader which capable of reading multiple types of memory cards (e.g. Compact flash "CF", Secure Digital "SD", MultiMedia Card "MMC", etc) can be purchased at around USD10.

At present, we do not recover lost photos from non-removable media (e.g. hard disk, floppy disk, CD-ROM).

Supported File Format
Our software is capable to recover the below file formats:


Supported camera raw format includes:

  • Canon (CRW, CR2), Nikon (NEF), Pentax (PEF), Fujifilm (RAF), Sigma (X3F), Olympus (ORF), Sony (SRF), Minolta (MRW), Kodak (DCR, K25), digital negative (DNG)

Supported video format are:

  • AVI (Audio Video Interleave File), MOV (QuickTime movie), MP4 (MPEG4 movie), QT (QuickTime movie), 3GP (3GPP multimedia movie)

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